Coronavirus & Help During The Lockdown

Although I am not able to see clients for face-to-face appointments during the current coronavirus lockdown I am always available on the phone to discuss hypnotherapy treatments and whether they might be suitable for you once we are able to meet again.

My contact number is 01267 290411.  Do leave a message if I am out of the house when you call - I am lucky enough to live in the countryside where I can exercise without any concerns about meeting others. 

Doctors tell us that they are expecting to be overwhelmed by patients suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) over the next few months.

The constant warnings of the danger of disease and the advice to stay clear of others, disinfect constantly and to wash our hands mean that we are all subconsciouly being conditioned to be terrified of germs.  For some people that conditioning leads of a life where that phobia of germs overwhelms you and makes normal life next to impossible.

Fortunately hypnotherapy can often help you tackling this debilitating condition and restore harmony and balance in your life.

Let me tell you how I was able to help a client I will call Tony - not his real name.

Tony had suffered from OCD for many years. His condition was so severe that he spent hours cleaning his kitchen before and after preparing meals, had to retreat to his home if he got any form of dirt on his clothes, and spotting dog poo on the pavement effectively stopped him walking down the street.

At home he would take off all the clothes he wore in the outside world and had to wash them, twice, with bleach before he could bear to wear them again.

His work took him overseas to countries in the third world where standards of hygene were very different from those in the UK and he became aware that unless he tackled his OCD he would have to give up the job that he loved.

Over just a few sessions we worked together to help him tackling this debilitating condition. As a result his life became much more comfortable and he was able to live virtually free of his old restrictions and overseas travel became a pleasure once again.

To find out if I can help you do message me or call on 01267 290411. If you fee hypnotherapy might benefit you I would be happy to see you once the lockdown was over.

With self-isolation leading to boredom and anxiety now is definetely not the time to give up smoking.  However, I am sure that every smoker has been made very well aware of the heightened levels of threat from Corvid-19 to those whose lungs have been damaged by tobacco.  But once the lockdown is over I would be very happy to see you if you wanted to give up.  Over the past 12 years I have been able to help thousands of smokers give up for less than the cost of three weeks worth of cigarettes.

For more details of the help I can offer so that you can become a non-smoker please follow this link.

Look after yourself - stay safe.




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