Marketing for Hypnotherapists

Marketing And Practice Building For Hypnotherapists

This manual offers a comprehensive guide to the skills and tools hypnotherapists need to build and market their business successfully. Formerly an award-winning BBC producer, presenter and manager, the book draws on Nick's experience as a practicing hypnotherapist and 35 year career in PR and broadcasting.

He offers advice on every single aspect of marketing a hypnotherapy business from low-cost advertising strategies and attracting and keeping clients to getting coverage on TV, radio and in the newspapers. Although aimed at the newly qualified therapist there is plenty here for the more experienced practitioner seeking to build their business.

The manual include a wealth of suggestions for accessing the media and gaining coverage for free as well as examining tried and tested ways of spending money on advertising. There is advice on choosing where to practice, networking effectively, getting feedback from clients and how to keep clients for longer. The book examines how to create an effective website, maximise the telephone to attract clients and even how to make CDs to use both as a publicity tool and to sell to increase income.

Among the themes covered are:

  • The principles of marketing - and how it should effect everything you do to promote the  business from how to dress to what to say when you answer the phone, as well as more formal advertising.
  • The press release - not just how to write one, what to include and what to leave out, but also how to follow it up to make sure it gets read and acted on.
  • How to get on radio and TV - tips to get airtime on local media including what the programme makers want and what the law says about hypnosis and broadcasting.
  • The important rules and guidelines - how journalists should treat you according to their professional rulebook, the law on libel and what you can and cannot say when you advertise.
  • How to create referrals to build a practice - using existing clients, other complementary therapists and contacts in the local community.
  • How to choose where to work - the pros and cons of where to practice and how to make your home client-friendly if you decide to see clients there.
  • How to set your fees for your local market - not just setting the right price but how to deflect questions about cost and the best ways to handle payments.
  • Making your website work for you - covering the best practice in website design, how to describe yourself to clients, why its important to manage your own content.
  • How hypnotherapy differs from other complementary therapies - and what that means for how to market the business.
  • The principles of advertising - the tried and tested guidelines that therapists need to be aware of.
  • The most effective paid-for advertising - display adverts or small ads, door-to-door leafleting or adwords. Where to spend an advertising budget to get the best return.
  • Advertising for no-cost or low-cost - designing and printing publicity material.
  • Plus - dealing with clients who miss appointments, how to use social networking, handling telephone enquiries and more.

Described by readers as "hugely professional", "practical and inspirational" and "essential reading for newly-qualified therapists" Marketing and Practice Building for Hypnotherapists will recoup its purchase price with the first new booking made as a result of putting its advice into practice.

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Copies of Marketing and Practice Building for Hypnotherapists are available as a Kindle publication or as a download.

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