"Hi Nick, not sure if you remember me - I came to see you 4yrs today with a view to giving up on the dreaded weed. Just to let you know that from the time I came to see you I haven’t even looked at a cigarette. Both of us deserve a pat on the back!" Malcolm

“I had tried all the usual methods but Nick''s hypnosis was the only one that worked.” S.O. Llanelli 

“I read a book about stopping which helped, but it wasn’t enough. Nick's hypnotherapy made all the difference.” J.L. Carmarthen 

"I just wanted to let you know that the hypnotherapy has worked wonders with my sleep. Since the 2nd session I have experienced practically unbroken sleep during the night. So a big thank you for your help, it's made a huge difference to my life." Wynn

"I saw you in October with a view to stop smoking.  Just to let you know that from the time I left you that day to the present time I haven't had a single urge to have a cigarette, even when I have been in the company of people who are smoking.  My wife and I are so grateful." SJ 

"I had a session with you to stop smoking four months ago and wanted to let you know I haven't touched a cigarette since. Even though the lads in work are smoking all around me I haven't been tempted , and now I've brought the running machine I said I'd buy with some of the money I've saved. I should come to see you a long time ago." EP

"Thank you Nick for helping me to lose weight with your virtual gastric band. I had tried every diet going with no luck but a friend told me about the gastric band. Since I had the treatment I have lost almost two stones in weight. Would recommend it to anyone with weight problems." Cathy

"The best £130 I have ever spent. Had my last fag in the car then Nick hypnotised me and I have not had a cigarette since. Thanks mate." AW

"Nick Brunger offers a thorough and comprehensive treatment service. Very professional, unhurried and caring. I saw him primarily for problems in the recovery process of addiction and anxiety. The treatment was a great help and I still listen to the cd's he provided me with to re-enforce the 'message' when necessary. I thoroughly recommend him."   Peter

"I can highly recommend Nick, he has given me the tools to fundamentally change my relationship with food in the long term and finally enabled me to leave the vicious circle of yo-yo dieting. It took a number of sessions and Nick used a variety of different approaches. His kind and professional manner put me completely at ease. Recently I consulted him again regarding a difficult dental treatment. It took just one session to ensure that I coped really well with it. I would not hesitate to consult Nick again in the future." Martina

"Nick was able to help when I reached a very low point in my life. I had started to become very anxious and nervous in all sorts of situations. I lost all my confidence at work and started to develop panick attacks when I went out to pubs and restaurants even when my boyfriend was with me. Nick was able to help to put me back on my feet again. Now I am enjoying work again and even speaking out in meetings which I was afraid to do before. My friends have all noticed the difference and say that I am like the old me again. I would recommend Nick to anyone suffering similar problems to mine." Beverley

"I would highly recommend Mr Nick Brunger, he offers a very friendly and professional service. I was incredibly impressed with how Nick was able to create a perfectly customised treatment that fitted my needs. Although I was nervous about my first session, his very affable and warm character quickly put me at ease. His sessions greatly assisted me in dealing with a very gruelling hospital treatment regime. Even though I have now finished my treatment, I still find his relaxation CDs very helpful." David

"I saw Nick to help me get over my fear of speaking in public. With my wedding day fast approaching I was determined that I was going to break with tradition and give a speech myself but I was dreading it. I only had a few sessions with him but he was able to help me get over my horrible nerves and found that I even enjoyed it much to my surprise. I would happily recommend Nick Brunger to anyone who wanted a friendly and effective hypnotherapy service." Samantha

"Nick saved my marriage! My fear of flying got so bad that my wife told me she would divorce me if I did not get it under control. I think she was kidding but she was missing holidays in the sun big time. I had just four sessions with Nick before we flew. Amazingly I did not just endure it but actually enjoyed flying. If anyone has a fear of flying they should see Nick for help." OM

"Nick was able to help me when my anxiety and panic attacks were starting to seriously worry me and my family. Right from the beginning he put me at my ease and taught me some simple things to do that helped me control the panic and to make the terror go away. I felt like a different woman right from the start. After every session I came out feeling happier and more positive. Thanks to Nick I have got my life back again and would be happy to recommend him to anyone." Kate

"I was a 60 a day smoker for years but my doctor told me I had to stop otherwise I would be dead before I retired. I did see another hypnotherapist who was c**p and nothing happened but a friend told me about Nick and said to try him I am glad I did because this time it worked and I have stopped completely so thanks very much." Mike R

"I had been suffering for IBS for many years and it was affecting my life badly. I couldn’t even leave the house at times because the discomfort and urgency to go to the loo was so worrying. My doctor suggested that I might try hypnotherapy and after talking to a number of different hypnotherapists on the phone I chose Nick to help me. I am so glad that I did because he has made such a difference. My stomach still gets upset at times but I feel much more in control and no longer worry about going out. I think that anyone who suffered as I did would find Nick helpful." Susan

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the gastric band you fitted for me.  To be honest I really didn't think it would work but I am now down to a size 14.  I have bought a dress for the wedding but just in case I asked if it could be taken in if I lost even more weight.  Now I am telling all my friends that if they want to lose weight like me they should go to see you." TW





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