Past Life Regression Using Hypnosis

Have you ever felt a close association with a period from history? Or visited somewhere new and experienced a feeling that you have been in this place before? Perhaps you have been troubled by bad dreams that seem to be seated in the past? Or maybe you just know that you were once someone else.

Many people believe that we have spent time on this planet not just once but many times in the past.

Past life regression gives you the chance to explore your subconscious mind to discover whether it has memories of a former life.

During a two-hour session of hypnosis Nick helps you to explore the possibility of reincarnation.

Afterwards you will have a recording of the session as a unique souvenir of this voyage of self-discovery.

Who knows, it may even help you discover the source of current traumas. One client with weight problems reported that she had starved to death in a previous life as a peasant in Russia and was eating today to ensure that the same fate did not claim her again.

Past life regression needs to be done in carefully controlled conditions so that your old life can be relived without harm or danger in the hands of a skilled therapist.   It makes a fascinating experience to relate to family and friends.

A two-hour session, including production of a recording on CDm costs £100.  Please call me for more details on 01267 290819.

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