Stop Smoking Hypnosis Lllanelli

Nick Brunger is the therapist to turn to if you want help to stop smoking using hypnosis in the Llanelli area.  With yet another rise in the price of tobacco there has never been a better time to stop. As one of South Wales's most experienced hypnotherapists Nick has helped hundreds of people give up the smoking habit over the years.

A former smoker himself he completely understands how difficult some people find it to give up.  While some therapists find smokers tricky to work with Nick gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping them to kick their addiction.

But don't be suprised if Nick questions you closely before accepting you as a patient.  To keep up his high success rate - and to prevent you from wasting your time and money - he wants to be as certain as he can be that hypnosis is the right treatment for you.

Many shops in Llanelli now sell electronic cigarettes to those people who are desperate to stop smoking.  But using hypnosis it is easier than you might think.  Providing that Nick accepts you as a client then just one session is usually enough to stop you smoking.

During that 120-minute session he will go into you background as a smoker in great deal.  You can expect to be asked what you enjoy about smoking; how your health is being affected; what you would prefer to spend your money on and so on.

The cost is just £140 (less than three weeks's worth of tobacco for most smokers) including telephone support, a back-up CD and a free extra session if you need it - with only one claimant in the past twelve months.

He sees clients at his home clinic near Nantgaredig, just outside Carmarthen.  

To discuss your treatment to stop smoking or to make an appointment please telephone 01267 290411.


Nick Brunger Hypnotherapy    Y Gegin Fach, Penllwynau, Nantgaredig, Carmarthen SA32 7NY

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